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Muzik-Muzik Semi-Final 2009

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The semi-final round of TV3’s muzik-muzik competition has hit town once again. 30 songs will compete and only 14 will make it to the final. Malaysian composers will fight to see if their song will nominate as the champion. Muzik-muzik only allowed songs compose by local composer to compete in the event. Even the event is the fight between composer, it is a common sight in Malaysia that the singer usually the most outstanding in the competition. Example, Siti Nurhaliza!



There is a different format this year; there are no categories for song. Previously, the competing song will separated in Balada, Pop Rock and Etnik Kreatif category. Thus, this year will be an all out fight for all songs. There are 3 round of semi final that will be held in 3 consecutive weeks. 6, 13 and 20 November 2009.

11 songs have performed in the first round:-

  1. Mirage
    Artist : Pesawat
    Composer : Jipie
    Lyric : Jipie

  2. Dan Aku
    Artist : Aizat
    Composer : Aizat
    Lyric : Aizat

  3. Dia, Aku dan Kamu
    Artist : Nadia & Red Peanut
    Composer : Addie Hamid
    Lyric : Ahmad Fitrie Yahya

  4. Oh Anok Anok
    Artist : Reshmonu
    Composer : Reshmonu
    Lyric : Farasha Omar

  5. Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang
    Artist : Alyah
    Composer : Ajai
    Lyric : Habsah Hassan

  6. Aku Skandal
    Artist : Hujan
    Composer : Noh
    Lyric : Noh

  7. Enjut
    Artist : Noraniza Idris, Cat Farish & Adeeb
    Composer :
    Lyric : Ahmad Fitrie Yahya

  8. Gila
    Artist : Mila
    Composer : Audi Mok
    Lyric : Nur Fatimah

  9. Dan Sebenarnya
    Artist : Yuna
    Composer : Yuna
    Lyric : Yuna

  10. Raja Gelek
    Artist : One Nation Emcees
    Composer : Damien Mikael
    Lyric : Damien Mikael & One Nation Emcees

  11. Bertamu di Kalbu
    Artist : Jaclyn Victor
    Composer : Anjang
    Lyric : Anjang

The panels of Jury for the night are Azlan Abu Hassan, Helen Yap, Mohariz Yaakup, Ahadiat Akashah and Azhar Borhan. Yasin meanwhile is the invited artist performs his popular opening theme song of Nur Kasih.

The top 5 song for the night are Kau Aku (Aizat), Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang (Alyah), Aku Skandal (Hujan), Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna), Raja Gelek (One Nation Emcees)


Aizat, Malaysian talented young singer and composer


Hujan, or "Rain" in English

Yuna, who says lawyer can't sing

ona nation emcees
One Nation Emcees



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