Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Denonym for each state.

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All of us actually knew the denonym for citizens of Malaysia. We were called as Malaysian, but how about for each respective state in Malaysia? I have found some of popular denonym, but, some states are still unknown. Let go check it out.

Sabah – Sabahan

Sarawak – Sarawakian

Kelantan – Kelantanese

Johor – Johorean

Malacca – Malaccan

Selangor – Selangorean

Perak – Perakian

Pulau Pinang – Penangite

Kedah – Kedahan

The acronyms above are the one that popularly used. But the one below still need some revision.

I seriously don't know about Terengganu’s denonym. If taking Kelantan as revision, then the most accurate is Terengganese. During my research, it led me to Terengganuan. Still need revision though.

Just like the case of Terengganu, Pahang’s denonym is similar and has resemblance with Pulau Pinang. Probably Pahangite. My research led me to Pahangian. Which one more accurate?

Negeri Sembilan
This is the hardest of all. It can be Negrish, Negeri Sembilanian or Negeri Sembilanese.

My research led me to Perlisian. Any ideas?


Hitsugaya Toushirou said...

Hi, Radin

I found a source state that residents of Pahang are called Pahangites.

and Wikipedia used "Terengganese" in one of its article

Radin87 said...

@Hitsugaya Toushirou.

-Thanks for the reply. :D

Anonymous said...

Terengganu people are most accurately to be referred as Terengganuan... Here's the link that shows Terengganuan was used...

Besides, I have asked my friends and most of them agree that Terengganuan is the correct denonym for referring Terengganu people...

I think for Perlis people, they can be called as Perlisian, if we follow the rule that Paris people are called Parisian..

And for Pahang, it's true that Pahang people being referred as Pahangite.

-Syam- ^_^

Radin87 said...

Thanks for your reply. (^_^)

shayufi said...



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