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flag of perak Perak's coat of arm

In my previous post "Perak Crisis : Chronology", it is stated that both party's leader, BN and PR has comes before the HM Sultan of Perak to ask with their respective request, form a government and dissolve the state assembly and hold another elections. Both sides has officially stated that they will accept any of the Sultan's decisions.

After HM Sultan of Perak has make a decision that preferred the BN, most of the Perakians unable to accept the decision's and it has caused a huge uproar to the states. I has surfing throughout the internet for about 2 days and found out various comment. From accepting the Sultan's decision up to disagreed with the Sultan up to the extend said it they doesn't need the Sultan anymore.

Obviously, the one who stated that is a Malay. And like a statement from Tun Dr. Mahathir, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", "Melayu easily forget".

The flag you see at the top of the post is the Flag and coat of arm of Perak. What does it means?

3 stripes at the flag;
i) White represents HM Sultan of Perak
ii) Yellow represents HRH Raja Muda of Perak (Crown Prince)
iii) Black represents HRH Raja di Hilir of Perak
With all of those stripes represents the royal family, and you said that you doesn't need the Sultan anymore? Absurd I would say.

Personally, I also disagree with the Sultan decisions. Due to the fact that the perakians has clearly voted for PR in the last general elections. Thus, the PR government is the legal government. The BN that gets their supports from crossover assemblymens logically means that the new government is unconstitutional and unethical.

Yes, most of us said the Royal Family is injustice. But, please head my advice gentlemen, HM Sultan Azlan Shah has shown a good example for us, the citizens. He actually hears both sides, PR and BN. We can said that the Sultan is one sided if he only hears one side, but he actually sees and hears all sides, Najib, Nizar and all the assemblymens. Thus, his decisions is unquestionable. It is only the politicians who usually sparks a tention to the community.

Ir Nizar Jamaludin Dr Zambry

The situation in Perak now is worst than ever. With the Ir Nizar refuse to step down and HM Sultan Azlan Shah has choose the new MB, Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Perak now comes to an era with 2 Menteri Besar.

Obviously, the PR has stated to defend the PR government in any means necessary and objected the new government. As an observer, what can I see is the situation now is almost the same as the situation in Perlis and Terengganu a year ago.

Perlis and Terengganu

BN has won in Perlis and form a government. The Prime Minister has said that Datuk Shahidan Kassim as the Menteri Besar, but the Raja of Perlis does not consent him to be the Menteri Besar due to the fact that the assemblymen prefer Mat Sabu.

BN also has won in Terengganu and form a government. The Prime Minister has choose Datuk Idris Jusoh to be the Menteri Besar. But, the famous Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin has choose Ahmad Said as the new Menteri Besar even all assemblymen still prefer Idris Jusoh.
And the rest is history. A commotion breakout and BN has stated that the Sultan who is also King of Malaysia is unconstitutional. The PR consist of Pas-DAP-PKR were gladly to see this as the new election probably be held if the assemblymens still refuses to accept the Sultan decisions.

But what happens now? PR too angry with the Sultan up to extend wanted to sue Sultan in high court. What a story... you should know that the majority support not always a good one.

Paradigm Shift

To all Malaysians, and specifically to PR.. please accept this situation with an open heart. Why? Because you already see that most citizens hold their support for you. PR has already to tired after a fierce battle in the past general elections, so take this chance to rest. Not to give up, but building up energy to give an outstanding victory in 13th general elections 4 years from now.

Most chilvarious and wise General after winning the war will retreat from the battlefield. Why? So that they can march more further up into the enemy terretory. So, what I can see is the Sultan is actually helping you. Please cease-firing for now, the lost here is maybe the key to many victory.

And to BN, please be aware that you may win todays battle but maybe suffered a major defeat in the future. If you still believes that your government is the government for all... please prove it to all the citizens, bring back the peace and gain the peoples confident back.

Sultan Azlan Shah
Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak

What has happened to Sultan Azlan Shah triggered my memories to the documentary movies that I watch. " The Queen". It is a story about Elizabeth II, Queen of United Kingdom and 16 Commonwealth Realm. Elizebeth II also angered her subjects when the royal family only keep quite of the death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Even though she is not part of the royal family, her status as mother to Prince William and Prince Harry make her more popular than others member of the royal family. Most of the peoples are furious why the Queen does not take part in the time of National Grief to the extend 1 out 4 has said wanted to abolished the monarchy.

But as the time goes by.. the people's angered finally eased.

Even though i am a Johoreans, I support the sultan decions, well face the fact that he is just a normal human being that are bound to makes mistakes... Sometimes, I do think that it is best to film this crisis just like 'The Queen'. To see the fact that whatever the Sultan do.. nobody will satisfied!

In fact, it is a huge mistakes to done something just to satiesfied everyone.. not all will satisfied..
I end my post with a famous quote in 'The Queen'

"As one story is told, the other remain hidden"



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