Thursday, February 26, 2009

After 100 days

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon all of you..
Thanks for viewing my blog.

No. 100 Pictures, Images and Photos

The special day finally arrived. The 100 days foundation of my Radin's Blog. Thus, I think it is a good idea to do a post mortem. To search whether my blog up until now achieved its missions. Generally, I don't have any theme or special posting of my blog. All the posting I put in here is something that I would like to share with the viewers. (At least for the first year of my blog)

The main reasons of why I create this blog is I want to increase my skills in English writing and communications. Thus, as a future engineers, it is not just a child's play. Language is not something that you can gain in the class. It is also something that you must practice in your life.

Well, something that I could not denied is, it is very hard to writes in English. I have to spent about an hour for just one post/topic. And, of course, as a normal malay student an obvious mistakes usually a spelling mistakes. My target is about to sent 10 post monthly, but that would not be necessary. I must increase the quality of each post.

"Quality comes first"

Up until now, the topic I will focused more are;
  1. Architecture
    - Of course, the magnificent engineering throughout the world
  2. Comics and Animation
    - My hobby since I was a kid
  3. Games
    - PC, PS2, PS3, and more..
  4. Malaysia Royal Family
    - Symbols of unity for the Malaysians.
  5. Special Events
    - Anything..
    ps ; more will come in the future.

Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona trinity soul Pictures, Images and Photos

Well guys.. I will try my best to comes out with more interesting topics and post in the future. Anything that you would like to share, gladly reply at the comment or at the chatbox...
Until next times..


Sirah said...

well..congratulations!!!...all the best in whatever you do...


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