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Today post is about a game call Harvest Moon. In the previous post I have mention about the game that I play during the holiday. Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life is a RPG game created for PS2. Like all series of Harvest Moon, the gameplay is about living your life as a farmer! An additional features added in A wonderful Life is player need to build a succesful life including getting married, raised children, manage your farm and get socialized with all the other NPC's in the game. The game will changes with the environment that you create.


I skip into the important part, manage your farm. Growing your crops and take care of the livestock. You will grow crops with its respectives season. For example, Turnips in summer and Strawberry in winter. You gain profit by crops a trees by each respective season.

HM ; growing crops

Tomato and Watermelon

Basic crops:
Tomato, Potato, Strawberry, Melon, Watermelon, Carrot, Yam, Turnips.
Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes, Peach. (Tree types)

Additional Features:
You can hybrid your crop to produce a 2nd and 3rd generation crops. This crops much more profitable than the basics crops. For example, Tomato + Potato produce Potamato!

You can also produce a crops that can grow in any season.


HM ; newborn cows

A newborn calf, how cute... :)

You can raise:
Cow, Goat, Chicken, Duck, Sheep, Horse

Cow and Goat will produce a milk daily. The main profit for many players.
Sheep will produce Wool once a season.
Chicken and Ducks produce egg occasionally. You also can gain profit by selling it.
Horse. Your main transportation in the game.


This game is about build your life. You will married and have children. Your main objective is to encourage your son to inhereted the farm. Player also can encourage him to get another career. (If not, he will choose on his own).

In special edition, there are 4 marriageable bachelorettes. Nami, Celia, Muffy and Lumina. Your son/daughter also has their mother's attitudes,

HM AWL ; wife and kids

Your future wife and your future kids...

Nami's Son
- Nami is a tomboyish girls and thus his son will also as athletic as her

Celia's Son
- Celia's is a well-natured girls and thus his son will also be the well-behave type among the 4.

Muffy's son
- Muffy is a social girl and thus his son will also be artistic and out-going type.

Lumina's son.
-Lumina is a rich girls and thus his son will be an Intelligent type.

There will be many career for the player to persuades them.
Athletes, Scholar, Rancher, Farmer, Artist, and Musician.


This gameplay has the longest time interval. Ranging almost 10 years. Thus, you has many times to developed your character, gets socials with other NPC, open up shops, cooking and celebrates festivals. Player can also try fishing for additional income.

Remember, a certain NPC will give you something in the name of your friendship.

A good game for those who wants to enjoys a interesting gameplay.



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