Wednesday, February 18, 2009

22 years

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon all of you..
Thanks for viewing my blog.

The special day finally come again. The same day like 22 years ago. The day that I was born. Like always, I was too busy to notice it. This 22 years feels like a dream.

There more to do than can ever been done,
more to see than can ever been seen,
more to found than can ever been find...

I was thankful to Allah that I've been born in a really nice family. My father and mother also among the best person i've ever met. I was been raised by my maternal grandparents since I was a kid. Thus, each time a school break, I will make many excuses to my father and mother so that I could stay with my grandfather and grandmother.

All my family member said this to me..
"You are really quite when you are small"

Yeah.. they're right. But, the quite little kid now have grown into a young adult and by the end of the year will finally graduate as an engineering student. And i'm realized my only weakness, I am a very lazy person...
so, a few strategies to improve my life ;
  1. Diary. To check and record all my dateline, assignment and appoinment throughout the day.
  2. Account book. To record my expenses.
    With these, I can manage and plan my life without sacrificing my laziness... heh.. :)

Some of my friends has already settle down and have their own family. But not for me. Not yet..
I have many to achieve and still not ready to having a relationship.
At least, I want something to achieved in my life ;

  1. Novelist
    Writing is one of my hobby. So, currently I'm still working on my first novel. This blog were actually among my way to trained my writing skills.
  2. Violinist
    I have perform with the UMP Orchestra Club and currently practicing alone. Still working on my playing skills.
    Well.. I have many more too achieve, but I think I will focused on these two.

Some of my friends ask, what is the most valuable present that you get this year?

For me, it's just a simple message from my mother that keeping me smiling all day long..
"Selamat Hari Lahir"



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