Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tengku Putri Anis, claimant of the 7 generations descendant of Princess Saadong

The National Heritage Council, Majlis Warisan Negara has make a confirmation regarding a claimed made by a kelantanese woman named Raja Tengku Putri Anis binti Raja Sazali that she is the seven generations descendant of Princess Saadong, relatives of Raja Jembal who ruled the state in the past. The confirmation been made after a series of investigations held by the department for several months and have reach a conclusion that the claimed is true and justified. Nevertheless, the department has yet to make an official legitimization regarding the claimed.

Tengku Putri Anis, 25 have shocked the nation when she openly claimed that she is the descendant of Princess Saadong, a legendary Queen Regent of Kelantan in the past. And her arrivals mark the ending of 7 generations curse of Princess Saadong to the State of Kelantan. The claimant is also not a major issue as the claimant is only for symbolically the ending of 7 generation curse of Princess Saadong and not a claimant to the throne.

Princess Saadong, a legendary Queen Regent of Kelantan.



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