Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The care of the Sultan

His Royal Highness the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V consent to pay a visit to the family of two sibling who died of drowning. The victims were Mohd Fathi Asyraf, 14, and Mohd Arif Hukmi, 10, who is the sons to Ruslan Abd Ghani, 46, who touched by the royal visit. The Sultan arrived at the victims grandmother's house, Saudah Mat Yaakob, 63, at Kampung Tualang Salak in Bachok and were greeted by the District Officer, Zulkifli Abdul Rahman; Deputy Leader of UMNO's Bachok branch, Datuk Dr. Ilias Husain and government officials.

Sultan Muhammad V spends about 40 minutes visiting the family before performed the Maghrib prayer at Masjid Naim, Jelawat. The victims, Fathi and Arif both drowned after falling into one of the river in the village.

Before arriving at the village, the Sultan Muhammad V also make a visit at Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital to visit a housewife, Che Hasmah Awang, 50 who is a robbery victim. Not only been robbed, she was also been shot by the robber in her residence in the tragedy happens at 5.00 am in the morning on January 30. She stated that, the visit from Sultan Muhammad V gives her hopes to recover from the trauma she felt due to the incidents.



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