Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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First of all in this fine morning, I wishing Happy New Year 2012 to all of my visitor, follower and blogwalker. We already leaving the year of 2011, and today is a happy first day of a brand new year of 2012. For me, 2011 is the year where I dedicated some of my time writing and managing the Radin's Blog as a full royal portal since the first day of 2011. It is a really challenging task and yet, full of happiness and surprised. Just imagine writing a story of 9 royal family in Malaysia, it is a job that really need a commitment. So, what is my expectation and hope for this year?

If i'm going to describe it personally, my passion for history has led me to where I am now. A royalist. I am in favour of the system of Constitutional Monarchy. It is undeniable that many people nowadays starting to questioned the relevancy of a hereditary monarch. But, history and record figure has speak for itself. The most democratize nation in the world is not a republic country but a Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarchy system is flexible enough to blend with democracy movement and can still act as a check and balance for the ruling government.


Nevertheless, in any part of the world and in any nation, there will exist a group of republican who try to fight for a full republic instead of a monarchy. But, in a democracy country, it is really unconstitutional to make this group shut (of course in the name of freedom of speech. Well.. whatever-lah). So, the only thing that can be done by royalist is to not at least let those group to gain any momentum. This is another reason for me to publish this blog to promote and to show that the royal family still relevant and stands for something.


If we looked at the State of Kelantan for instance, the Sultan Muhammad V has actually becoming the center of an image of Kelantan's Islamic State. He can even lead the prayer, and that is really something because not everyone is capable of leading the prayer. And, if we looked at Johor, the Sultan Ibrahim also proved to be a champion of traditions as he revived the tradition of Johorean Royal Attire of Dark Blue uniform introduced by Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar.

Photobucket Photobucket
A Johorean Royal Attire introduced by Sultan Abu Bakar.

So, it is hoped that the year of 2012 can be a milestone for the royal family to be a modern, democratize and relevant institution but still retain its status as a champion of tradition and religion.

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Anonymous said...

It has been worn by both the late sultan Ibrahim and Ismail but not by sultan Iskandar so get your facts right first before putting anything up.

Abdul Majid Iskandar

Radin87 said...

Ok, thanks for the revision. i will make a correction.

Err.. Sir, if I may..
are you by any chance the Abdul Majid Iskandar of Johor or a person with the same name?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a happy day for everybody except me so faham2 jelah btw keep up the good work and very proud of young Malaysian blogging.

AM Iskandar

Radin87 said...

@AM Iskandar

Happiness and sadness will always be a part of our life. What's important is we must be strong and do not lost hope.
Thanks for visiting ^^


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