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Malay Family Nicknames

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Today post is a bit unique. This post mainly to share with the blog’s visitor about a family nicknames in Malay community. It is a form of respect especially in a malay unique family system, where the older have to love the younger and the younger have to respect the elderly. In today post, we’ll see the most commonly used malay nickname system.

Father and mother are called as Ayah and Ibu. There also a variant styled like Walid and Ummi (Arabic styled) and Papa and Mama (Chinese styled).

For siblings is a bit complicated. The name is as follow :-


This is the highest title among all and reserved only to the first born son/daughter. Along is derived from the word ‘sulong’ means ‘the first child’. Along hold a big responsibility and usually will be the next Head of the Family if their father or mother died. The only child is called by his name only.


This is the second highest title and reserved to the second born son/daughter even if he/she is the last born.


Unlike Along and Angah, the title Uda and below is varied in the family system. Uda usually reserved to the third born child. Commonly, it is used to a son. Nevertheless, it can also apply to a daughter. It can be replace with Achik.


Achik usually refers to the fourth born child. Commonly used to a daughter but it also apply to a son. Commonly, it is very rare case where both title is used. It can be used to the third born to replace Uda.


Alang refers to the fifth born child. Nevertheless, the used of Alang is very rare.


Andak refers to the sixth born child.


Anjang refers to the seventh born child. Rarely used.


Uteh refers to the eighth born child.


Itam refers to the ninth born child.


Usu refers to the last child in the family. It is the most junior title. Any last born, usually started from the fourth born is styled as such.




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