Monday, August 16, 2010

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
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The month of Ramadhan is the fasting month for the Muslims. If we talking about fasting, probably we were thinking it is only about no eating and drinking for the whole day, from the break of dawn until the setting of the sun. But it is more than that. Fasting also meaning controlling your inner desire and also, your anger.


Usually, I will spend my time surfing the internet with my laptop every day. But this is the problem recently. My little brother has ‘dominating’ my laptop. Usually when I wake up in the morning, guess what? My laptop has already on! And make me thinking, the laptop belong to whom? A simple “hey, I wanna used it” will never works. He will use it for hours!!


So, what should I do? Unleashed my wrath on him? Forget it. My fasting for the whole day will be a waste that way. But somehow, I need to show him my ‘sovereign’ over my laptop.


Yes, what a brilliant idea. A simple log off is enough. But, as a smart boy, he’s not the type to easily give up. He already tried several times to find my password. And I can say it, it just a matter of time before he find out. Huhu.. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing I did. If not, he will never go to study. He will sit for UPSR this year, but unlike us, he never worries about it….


Owh yeah, the Independence Day celebration is just around the corner. I think, it’s about time for me to search for independence related post for this year celebration.

Until next time.



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