Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Independence Day

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The day finally comes, Happy 53rd Independence Day Malaysia!! Usually, every morning I will stay in my room and finished my morning time reading novels and stuff. But today, I stayed in front of the television since 7.00 am just to see the National Day Celebration. It is a must see event every year. Previously, on 9 August, I watched the Independence Day Parade of Singapore National Day Celebration. I knew that, due to the fasting month, there will no Independence Day parades in Malaysia. So, I wanted to know how is this year celebration differs from the rest. Locating at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, the Independence celebration started.


The National Day theme for this year is “1 Malaysia, Menjana Transformasi.” (Generates Transformation). The 2 hours celebration surprised me. It is very astonishing. Probably this is an event once in a while to see the celebration in a closed stadium. Every time the Negaraku is played, all spectators in the stadium will also sing as well. Thanks to all individuals involved in the celebration, my congratulations to all of you.

After 53 years, the country has performed well. From a developing country, currently Malaysia has evolved to become a newly industrialized country. During Independence, 70% of Malaysia population lived under poverty rate, now, only 5% and less lived under poverty. The research done by Newsweek also concluded that Malaysia is currently the “37th Best Country To Live” in the world! Such a massive transformation in just a mere 50 years!


Nevertheless, the theme for this year, Generates Transformation is also a key point step or a stepping stone for the current administration to start a more massive transformation in the future to change Malaysia status from Newly Industrialized Country into a full developed Country by the year 2020, and its just 10 years away! Just face it, with only the Federal Territory achieved a high-income state status and with only Selangor emerges as the only full-developed state in Malaysia, just imagine how far we are from our target.


So, lets us work together, hand in hand to make Malaysia an even better country to Live! For starters, lets us stop from making a wild racist statement to one another. What races, what religion we are, we are still Malaysian. For me, those who are thinking Malay is this and that, Chinese is this and that, Indian is this and that, their mind are still occupied by the colonial mindset. Transformed that!!

That’s all for now. Happy Independence Day
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Rowan said...

Happy Merdeka! :)

Radin87 said...

Happy Merdeka too, Rowan (^_^)


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