Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malaysia Radio Day

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Today, a special day of 999 stands for 9 September 2009. Most loving couple takes this one in a lifetime occasions to mark the date as their wedding day, especially for Chinese. Today is also the day for the first ever celebration of Malaysia Radio Day! The date is chosen by Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM). History? Radio Day was first observed in the Soviet Union in 1945, on the 50th anniversary of Popov's experiment, and some four decades after his death. Radio Day is officially marked in Russia and Bulgaria. (source)

fara fauzana
Fara Fauzana, Deejay of HotFM

This morning, most of Radio station has invited a senior deejay radio in Malaysia for this special occasion. Anyway, good luck for all Radio Station in Malaysia!


xynapster said...

XY Radio Online. Anda juga mampu mendengar perbagai pilihan Station Radio sama ada dalam Malaysia, Indonesia mahu pun Bollywood secara online dan percuma. Anda tidak perlu risau dengan bayaran atau pendaftaran. Di situ adalah percuma. Semoga terhibur. Selain itu Radio Fly.FM dan Hot.Fm juga mampu didengar. Ikhlas dari XYNAPSTER.


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