Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last but not least

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you
Welcome to my blog.

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Last week, my presentation in front of my Industrial Training Supervisor finally ended. Both Mr Reza Ezuan and Mr Shafiq see my presentation and many question is ask by both sides, enough to petrify me for a minutes. I never expected it is going to be that tense. But, as that has come to past, the evaluation should be no problem. Last but not least, I still have a report to finish.

Dateline? Within a month.

A good part for this month, my Siamese cat finally gives born to 6 kittens. And a worst part is; only one survives and plus, a male kitten, probably leave the colony after he reach 4 month old. I’m only expecting the 3rd generation female cat in the colony. That’s all.

Fasting month for this year is also different from my previous one. For 6 years, I have experience the fasting month in the college, far from home. But now, feel good to be back.


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2 months from now, the first anniversaries of Radin’s Blog! It is almost time for improvement. The first thing that pop in my head is, Entertainment/artiste related article. Still not my final decision yet and still thinking about it. Controversial topic? Better to let it go for now…

Ok guys, thanks for supporting me all this time. Your comment is what keeps me going for almost a year.

Until next time…



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