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Nur Kasih

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It’s been a while since the last time a malay drama give a huge impact on the viewer. Today, Radin’s Blog will present a topic of a hot malay drama that still aired at TV3 every Friday, Nur Kasih. The story is star by Fizz Fairus, Tiz Zaqyah Razak, Remy Ishak and Sharifah Sofia. Directed by Khabir Bhatia.


The story is about 2 siblings, Aidil and Adam. Both have a split personality with one another. Aidil is an obedient son, patience and a loving brother. He taking a Law degree and his ambitions is to be a Sharia Lawyer. While Adam on the other hand, live on with his exotic lifestyle in Australia. He taking Architectural Degree and has a ambitions to founded his own Architecture Firm in Australia.

Both of Ustaz Hassan and Hajah Khadijah sons are successful in life. But, only Aidil gain their trust. Ustaz Hassan is a best friend to the village imam, Ustaz Abu Bakar who has 2 daughters, Nur Aminah and Siti Sarah. Nur is the best student in the village and want to further his studied in local university. Unfortunately, her parents not afford with her studied expenses. Nevertheless, she still tries to get a scholarship for her studied. But things changed after Ustaz Hassan proposed her for his son.

Nur Aminah is a dream girl for Aidid. But, his father made a surprisingly decision when he wanted to marry Nur Aminah with Adam, his brother. Even frustrated, he still obeyed his father decision. As a caring brother, Aidil advice Adam to follow their father last wish.

Time passed by with sadness and frustration for Aidil seen his father passed away and his dream girl now his sister in-law, but Aidil live on his life and manage to become a Sharia Lawyer. While Nur Aminah is able to get a degree even have to live with lies to her parents that still believe she has followed her husband and live in Australia. She lives alone in Kuala Lumpur.

Due to a wealthy lifestyle abroad, Adam always questioned his father, abandoned his wife and forgets about his mother. Following his greed, he married Katrina without telling a thing to his first wife in the homeland. Everything changes when tragic accidents occur for Adam and Katrina… What will happen to him? (source)




A dream husband for any girl, he has a high personality and very responsible. He always gives priorities to his family and always sacrifices his own happiness for them. He becomes a Sharia Lawyer to help those who needed especially the unfortunate. His motto is, “Work as you will live forever and prayed as you will die tomorrow”. He loves to play football, reading books and surfing the internet.



Second son to Ustaz Hassan and Hajah Khadija. Even raised by a high religious family, he is a hot tempered and arrogant man. Even though he is naughty when child, he has a big ambition to opened his own firm after finished his study at University of Sydney, Australia. He is an independent man and nobody can stop him when he has made his mind. He loves football and unique architecture. His favorites food is his mother ‘sambal udang’ (prawn chili).

Nur Amina


Born in Tanjung Karang. She is the ‘role model’ for her friends and the top student at her village. Her ambition is to become successful woman architect. She is secretive, hardworking girl, respective towards elders, patience and always finishes something that she has start. She loves drawing and will always draws something that she feel beauty. Favorite’s daughter of Imam Abu Bakar and Mak Ani.

Siti Sarah


She is a spoiled, happy go lucky girl and always brings happiness to her family. She is also try very hard to achieve something that she wants. She is a sensitive girl and loves to read entertainment magazine and dressing. She has various ambitions like model, air-stewardess, teacher, news presenter and any profession that allowed her to wear beautiful dress. Her biggest dream is to be Aidil’s wife and will stop anyone who interferes including her own sister.

Katrina Anne Carlson


Socialize and always clubbing girl. She is born in Sydney and taking degree in art at University of Sydney. Loves Adam and will do anything for him. She always be there as a support for Adam. She wants to become a lecturer after finished her study.

Disclaimer: I do not own Nur Kasih, I own nothing of Nur Kasih. The Nur Kasih is rightfully owned by TV3, Malaysia.


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