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Helios Eclipse

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It is already two months since my last post of my comics and animation topics. Look like I get excited with our independence month and most likely get overly dramatic about it and forget the things that needed to be done. A special issue for this month, I will present comics from our lovely Homeland! “Helios Eclipse (2004 - 2009)”.


Helios Eclipse is a story by Malaysian female cartoonist, Kaoru. The series is published by Gempakstarz under Starz magazine in their first issue in 1 June 2004. Then, Helios Eclipse switches into Gempak magazine which is also under the same company, Gempakstarz. It is finished in issue 221.


The story is basely about two worlds, Human World and the Magic World. The entire element under both worlds is controlled by the Sun Ruler, Helios. One day, on his curiosity about the Human World, Helios and his brother Luna, visits the Human World only to find it becoming terrible of modern technology, pollution, odd cultures and rude manners. Helios can’t believe his eyes that he actually protecting it. Later, Helios enrages and releases all of his power to try to destroy the children after he see them killing a cat. He lost his elemental power and all of his power disappears into the Human World.

With his power grew weaker, Dark World tries to dominate both world. And to restore the world peace, helios must find all of his element power. But, he eventually attacked by the Dark World’s henchmen and accidentally meets a human girl, Mineko which actually his prophesized savior.


  1. Helios


    He is one of the three great rulers of the Magic World. Because he resembles the sign of the sun, he is the main source of power of the Magic World. He is rather quiet and does not trust people easily, especially humans after he visited the human world to pay his last respects to the deceased Syn I. While searching for the savior of the Magic World, he accidentally stumbled upon Mineko, and that has changed his perspective about humans. He accepts Mineko as a friend and ally. His feelings towards Mineko slowly grows to a stage where it is 'more than just friends'. He owned a fire element called Miraa.

  2. Mineko


    She is selected as the savior of both worlds as she saved Helios from being swallowed by a magical whirlwind. This happened while Helios was using his limited power to search for the savior. She has a naive, cheerful personality and is always energetic, thus easily trusting people. But as the story progresses, her personality slowly changes. Her sincerity was questioned by Syn II, who then gave her a test to save the Magic World. At the end of the test, she sacrificed herself to save the Magic World from darkness. She was then revived by Princess Moragana who used the power of the Phoenix as Moragana claimed that "it was meant to be". After her revival, she received the power to create illusions from Syn II, proof that she managed to pass his test. The phoenix in her has become the target of The Dark World.

  3. Luna

    Luna is the brother of Helios and resembles the sign of the moon. He is different from his brother, as he is always calm in any situation and thinks of the consequences before he acts. He became Helios's second in command, and always stood by Helios whenever he needed help, even when not requested by helios. Luna had the ability to read peoples' minds by touching them, as he claimed his ability was similar to Moragana's. He seemed to be secretly in love with Mineko and died protecting her.

  4. Kazura

    Louis Pictures, Images and Photos

    Louis or Kazura is Mineko and Tooru's best friend since They were children. But in reality, he is the Dark Magician sent by the Dark World to kill Helios. At first, he become the antagonist when he betrayed Mineko and the others in order to kill Helios. However, he did not expect that Mineko would turn out to be the savior that was mentioned in Moragana's prophecy. After Maryvessa was killed by Helios, he betrayed the Dark World to cope with his pain and regret towards Maryvessa's death and hatred towards Soileh. His thoughts are hard to read either by his friends or his enemies, making him the perfect spy. This also helps him in battle when his enemies cannot read his moves. His abilities are shape-shifting and duplication. But as the story progresses, he gained the capabiliy to produce lightning. (This is shown when Louis ate the medicine Evilina gave him to fight Arisu and Soileh). Little information is known about his past except when Maryvessa met with him in human world, he admitted that since 'that day', he was no longer a human.

  1. Helios Eclipse : Prologue
  2. Helios Eclipse : Median
  3. Helios Eclipse : Ternion
  4. Helios Eclipse : Quaternion
  5. Helios Eclipse : Quintet
  6. Helios Eclipse : Hexad
  7. Helios Eclipse : Septenary
  8. Helios Eclipse : Epilogue


helios eclipse Pictures, Images and Photos




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