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As a developing country, various part of Malaysia has been develop. House, business and industrial park boomingfrom the economy prosperity that we experienced now. To sustained this, Malaysia also need a strong fundamental of power generation to feed this large partions of economy activities. 3 large corporotion are responsible of power generation, transmission and distribution. Tenaga Nasional Bhd at peninsular Malaysia, SESCO at Sarawak and SESB at Sabah.

And, like other business entity, reducing cost is vital for this companies. This is risk that has to be faced nowespecially after the hiking of oil price during the last 5 years. As most of our power generation is feed by oilnatural gases to produced electricity, the cost are also rising alongside with the oil price. Thus, a new alternative energy still been developed to overcome this problems.

Renewable energy

The territory of Malaysia is blessed with many sources of this renewable energy. Solar, Wind and Hydroelectricity are among that has been implemented in Malaysia. But, this power plant are only produce about 13% of our total energy generations. Hydroelectric are the cheapest energy produced and Malaysia has a large reservoir of the source. By building the dam, electricity can be generate and supply both day and night.


But, relying on hydroelectric are not an option now as there is no more suitable placed to build a hydroelectric damn. It is save to say that, hydroelectricity in Malaysia has reach its maximum potentials.


Solar and wind meanwhile, even has been using for small scale generations, improving it to generate to a large scaleis another matter. We are lucky that Malaysia located near the equator and that means a sunshines everyday. But,using solar during the rainy seasons are unlikely. Thus, solar power in malaysia exist in hybrid with wind. But, using Wind in large scale are not an options either as we need a large pile of land to act as 'wind farm' to generates electricity. Plus, unlike hydro.. solar and wind main problems is it unconsistent generations.


It usually go to waste when the plant electric generations is overly produced.

Nuclear energy


Alongside others alternative energy is the nuclear energy. Unlike others, nuclear energy can actually generates a stable electrical power to the consumer. Most of developed countries has implement this energy like South Korea andFrance. Among the advantages is reduce cost of electrical generations and thus ensure the cost reatively low and harmless to the environment. Plus,the energy produce are also high. But,it's also comes with a high risk. Especially its radioactivity of the source. Chernobyl Tradegy are a good example.

but, if we do not act soon as possible, Malaysia will faced a time of energy crisis. A very critical issue now is "How we can generates maximum electrical power with a minimum cost as possible"...

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Rowan said...

I still feel Msia doesn't have the capacity for maintaining a nuclear energy plant. Having 40+ PhD holders in nuclear tech doesn't make us capable.

I think we should focus on biodiesel. Get the oil into the tanks & we're up & running.


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