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According to the constitution of Malaysia, we adapt the parliamentary democracy in closed system with the Westminster system. And also, Malaysia is a multiparty system during the election. Meaning, there is no limit on how many party can contest in either parliamentary seat or state assembly seat. However, the scenario in Malaysia nowadays is moving into a 2-system party. Due to the fact that, most party has aligned themselves into one entity to coop with the harsh atmosphere of Malaysia politics.

“No political party can survive alone in Malaysia”


Commonly refers as National Front in English, it is the major political alliance in Malaysia and a successor to the Alliance Party. It is also has formed a government in Malaysia since 1955 undisturbed yet. Usually gain more that 2/3 majority in the parliament and only failed to gain it twice, in 1969 and 2008 General Election. The BN ideology are Economic Conservatism, Social conservatism, Right Wing and Moralist.

It is consist of 13 political parties, each party are racial based party accept for Gerakan. The current leader is Prime Minister Najib.



Commonly refers as People’s Pact, it is the successor to the Barisan Alternatif (1999-2008). It is also the most successful opposition alliance yet. In 2008 General Election, it is able to denied Barisan Nasional 2/3 Majority in the Parliament and formed a government in 5 states. The ideology of PR are Social justice, Progressive, Social democracy and Public welfare.

It is a loose coalition of 3 parties PKR, DAP and PAS. The current leader is Anwar Ibrahim.



Perdana Putra
Grand Price to whoever formed a government in Malaysia, Perdana Putra

I will do this in an easy way, cast your vote based on candidates and not based on Political Parties. Remember, in Parliamentary Democracy, you are casting your vote for the candidate and not for political parties as there are possibilities of ‘defecting’ MP, and this can prove to be fatal. Still remember the Perak Crisis right?

So, vote wisely Malaysian



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