Saturday, August 1, 2009

7 Weeks

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This week mark my 7 weeks of my industrial training. A year ago, I’m still worried of what my training will be. Happy? Tense? All this is playing in my mind especially with a bad rumor flying around about it. But, all of these bad thought were not true at all. Thank god.

Currently, I’ve trained with the maintenance department and mostly about maintaining the TNB substations. It is tiring but as a practical student, you don’t have to face the tense atmosphere of paper work. Usually an engineer of TNB will face many worksheet of their department.

How can I make my time here enjoyable?

Of course, you must take any means necessary to gain as much knowledge as possible during your training. But, do not overwork yourself. As a normal human being, you need to have a time to do anything that you love. And as for me, I take chances with my new hobby, photographing. It is a waste because I have many outdoor works and there are many places that have enjoyable scenery.

Here are some of the pictures that I captured during my outdoor work…








Flag of Malaysia

Coat of arm of malaysia

As it is a month of August, you must know what it means. Independent Month! Thus, most of my article this month will be Malaysia related. Any issue, any posting, problem, enjoyable moment, I will try to post in my blog.

Anyway, whatever you do and everywhere you go, we supposedly not forget about our homeland, Malaysia. Lets us make it a better place…

Until next time… :)


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