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The nomination process for 3 by-elections has been done yesterday, 29 March 2009. 1 parlimentary seat and 2 state assembly seats is contested, DUN Bukit Selambau, DUN Batang Ai and P Bukit Gantang. The elections will start at 7 April 2009

P Bukit Gantang

The previous holder of this seat is Roslan Shaharom (PAS). The seat is vacant after the holder die.

bukit gantang candidate

It is a 3 corner fight between Ismail Safian (BN), Datuk Seri Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (PAS) and Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Independent).

DUN Batang Ai

The previous holder of this seat is Datuk Dublin Unting Inkot (BN). The seat is also vacant after the holder die.

batang ai

It is a 2-corner fight between Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (BN) and Jawah Gerang (PKR)

DUN Bukit Selambau

The previous holder is V Arumugam (PKR). The seat is vacant after the holder resign from the post.

bukit selambau 1
BN Candidate (wearing blue Baju Melayu)
bukit gantang 2
PKR Candidate (wearing white formal suit with necktie)

Unlike the other 2 elections above, it is the most fierce contested seat. The 15-corner fight!
After the nominations, the contested candidate are Datuk S. Ganeson (BN), S. Manikumar (PKR) and another 13 Independent candidate.
Hussein Yaacob, T. Chandraajan, Mejar (Rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid, Vincent Michael, Abdul Rahim Abu, S. Moganakumar, Mohd Fadzil Abdul Wahab, Radzi Md Lazim, Loganathan Ramanathan, Saralaloganathan, Tan Hock Huat, A. Jayagopal and Khamis Awang.


Bukit Gantang located at Perak. Thus, the fight between BN and PAS possibly a fierced one. PR formed a government in Perak after the general elections, but BN once again govern the state after the PR government fall after 11 months.

Batang Ai located at Sarawak, thus the match here possibly the most contented in all 3. BN should have no problem here... (just my opinion..)

Bukit Selambau on the other hands... traditionally, BN reserved this seat to MIC. But the situation here is really akward. Malaysian records of 15-corner fight. May the best men wins..


Therefor, if I'm not mistaken.. about 20 candidate will participate in the elections. Muhyiddin Yassin has remembered all the voters that this elections were only a mere elections and not a poll to a specific political party.

All government are formed to served to the people. Thus, please make a wise choice and choose a candidate that actually can served to you...

Who will win? Lets wait and see... =)


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