Monday, March 12, 2012

Watched the children

Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofia, the consort of the Sultan of Johor consent to visit the family of missing child, Nurul Nadirah Abdullah in their residence at Flat Seri Delima, Bandar Seri Alam. In the visit, Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofia spent about 30 minutes to meet Nurul Nadirah's parent, Roselyn Alan and Lima Medeng, both 25, and the couple's first son, Mohd Hafis Abdullah, 6. In her visit, Her Royal Highness also deliver some contribution to the family in form of cash and daily necessity. Her Royal Highness were accompanied by Women development, Family, Community and Health State Committee Chairwoman, Dr Robia Kosai and State Assemblyman of Johor Jaya, Tan Cher Puk.

The lost of Nadirah, intimately called as Dirang by her family members gets the attention of media after she was kidnapped near her house around 11 am when on her way to the shop on last March 1, 2012.

latest update :: Nurul Nadirah was found dead at Nusa Damai Palm Oil Plantation.



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