Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you.
Welcome to my blog.


Happy a brand new year to all. I wish you all the best for this New Year. Let’s put the past behind us and start to look ahead to the future. Imagine what lies ahead of us. It is said that today is a present, yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Let’s start our year with a new mission and vision. For me, nothing else matter other than looking for a job.

Emil Chronicle Online

How I spend my New Year day? With a brand new online game. My brother downloads it and both of us actually starts to get in touch with it. For me, I’m only spend 2 hours a day for the game, so, my character still consider as weak. Hmm.. weak is such a strong word, how about.. “not so strong..” heh.. =D

The MMORPG has similarity with Ragnarok Online. Player can choose a job for their character. There are 3 categories; Fighter, Spell caster and Backpackers. And all of them consist of 12 available jobs. The jobs are Swordman, Fencer, Scout, Archer, Vates, Wizard, Shaman, Warlock, Miner, Farmer, Ranger and Merchant. Plus, player can choose what kind of races of their character. Three available races are Titania the angel class race, Emil, the human race and Dominion, the evil type race.

Each class has their own advantages and suitable with specific character. Nevertheless, it is up to the player to decide.


My three characters in one account is Eddie the Titania, Arjuna the Emil and Tegoshi the Dominion.

The titania is born with a pure heart. Thus, the most suitable job for them is Vates. Light elements spell caster and the only job that have Heal skill.

Eddie. His job is Vates. A healer and synonym with Titania.

Faces my Holiness! Holy Bolt!!

A group of Titania party consist of 2 Vates and an archer. It not long before the White Fang in the back attack us and annihilated the Vates. (T.T)

The Emil is a human race. Thus, it is suitable for most available job.

Arjuna. His job is a Ranger. One of the backpackers class job.

I'm being possess by this mischievous Dominion and later train him to become a swordman. DeviliaX

The Dominion is an evil type races and have a strong strength and Magic skills. The most suitable job for them is a warlock.

My last character, Tegoshi. I train him to become a swordsman. And unlike the previous two, this one train at the Northern artic part.

The hardest part, this place is remote and not many player train here.
Waaaarrghhh... Heeelllpppp!!

A group of swordman. Like a cosplay festival huh? heh... =D



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