Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knowledge is power

Assalamualaikum and Peace be upon all of you..
Welcome to my blog.

It is already half a year since I started this blog. Before, I'm still a University student and now I officially started my practical this month. And lucky me, I can started my practical closed to home. Maybe a family tradition, all of my other cousins also doing their practical near from home. Everything happens so fast, and just like wise old man once said..

" Just go with the flow"

As I now stayed at home, another "assignment" has been given to me by my mother, babysitting my brother. Of course, both of my brothers will take an important exams of their life... SPM and UPSR. After finishing my studied, now I know how valuable knowledge is. It is not something that you can get without any hardship, that for sure. In this modern world, knowledge is the power.

Maybe nobility or wealth is symbol of power, but without knowledge.. you can't gain it...

Blog Announcement

That's all about my life. I'm still searching for my blog topic for this month. Either cool or hot topic, sometimes it is very hard to decide, many event has occur bot expected and unexpected. Not very good with this "expected the unexpected things". Regardless, I have to follow the scheduled.

Thanks to all readers that has reply to my post up until now.. :)

Ok guys, here are the song from Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya,


Rowan said...

Wow you wrote A LOT already! Well done! :)

Radin87 said...

Thanks Rowan..


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