Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On last March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flights 370 went missing while on its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight carries 239 passengers including 12 crews on board. The flight went missing around 1.30am and lost contact with military radar. It was officially reported missing to the MAS around 2.30 am. The lost of the flight has been an international concerns up to date and until this article was posted, the MH370 are still yet to be found.

His Majesty Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah of Kedah, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and the Queen, Tuanku Hajah Haminah has stated their concern over the incident, and also their empathy to the families and relatives of the crews and passengers. Their Majesties also encouraged for the Solat Hajat to be done to offer prays for the missing plane.

Meanwhile, the Conference of Rulers also expressed its disappointment over the missing MH370. The statement were made by the Keeper of the Ruler's Seal, Dato' Sri Syed Danial bin Syed Ahmad. The Keeper of the Ruler's Seal also stated that the Conference of Rulers follows the development over the case and shows its gratitudes of all efforts that has been done by various parties in the search and rescue operation of MH370. The conference of Rulers also encourage all Malaysian despite their religious and political backgrounds to stand united to overcome the tragedy.

Semoga mendapat rahmat dan petunjuk daripada Allah S.W.T serta segala usaha menemui hasil terbaik. di samping mendoakan semoga kaum keluarga dan sahabat handai waris terlibat diberikan kekuatan, ketabahan dan ketenangan bagi menghadapinya. 

May all received the blessing and guidance from Allah and all efforts will bear the best results, while praying may the families and relatives of the victims involved will be given strength, endurance and serenity to face it.

In recent event, His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang and Her Royal Highness Sultanah Kalsom of Pahang has consent to visit the families of the passengers on MH370 at the Hotel Everly, Putrajaya on March 17, 2014. The royal entourage arrival was greeted by Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat, the President of Perbadanan Putrajaya. In the visit, the Sultan informed the passenger's relatives of MH370 that all efforts has been done in the Search and Rescue operation to find the missing plane.



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