Saturday, January 4, 2014

There are no one can denied that Malaya in the past were ruled by a glorious Sultanate of Malacca. From Ujung Tanah in the south to Pattani in the north, all were ruled by this rich and glorious Malay Empire. Founded by Parameswara around 1400s, the Sultanate reached its peak during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah. It is not only a maritime power, but also the center of Islam in South East Asia. Located in the cross road of major civilization both in the east and in the west, it has never been more certain that Malacca is among the richest city in its time. But the glorious Sultanate falls after the Portuguese invasion in 1511. And from that day onwards, Malacca were left without a King.

And today, there have been some times since the infamous Raja Nor Jan has announced his claim to the throne of Malacca. But, this time, he some how manage to get acknowledgement by International Court of Justice! Well, I don't know how he do it or who sponsored his case in the ICJ at The Hague, Netherland. But this time, his claimed can be considered as outrageous. He also stated that in 2 January 2014, he claimed that he has submits the acknowledgement letter to the office of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. And reportedly will made a special briefing with the media on 4th January 2014, but the he has change the date to 6th January due to an unknown reason.

But for me, I have made several research personally and of course just my personal research and no record what so ever, but how can a descendant of Perak Sultanate can actually claimed the throne of Malacca? After Sultan Mahmud Shah demise in Kampar in 1528, his first son becomes the Sultan of Perak by invitation of noblemen there. While it is Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah who becomes the de facto successor of his father and the territory of Malacca that still loyal to the royal family. And, it is the Sultans of Johor-Riau who for several centuries had tried to captured Malacca from the Portuguese. And believe it or not, British had almost installed Sultan Hussein of Kesang from the House of Bendahara as the Sultan in Malacca to ruled the State. But the offer were rejected by the Sultan Ali because he wants to become the Sultan in Singapore.

Johorean House of Bendahara actually have a stronger claim to the State of Malacca in comparison rather some unknown descendant of Perak royalty, who have made neither effort nor accomplishment to capture the State in the past. Radin's Blog in the past have made a neutral stances regarding this issue, until now that is. Radin's Blog from this day onward reject, deny and will not acknowledge any claims from Raja Nor Jan and his descendants to the throne of Melaka.


1.) International Court of Justice only handle a cases from the entity acknowledge by the United Nations. Only a sovereign countries are allowed to submit their cases to the ICJ, example between Malaysia and Singapore regarding the Pulau Batu Putih and Malaysia and Indonesia regarding the Sipadan and Ligitan Island. The ICJ does not handled any personal or individual cases. The claim of Raja Nor Jan Shah is invalid.

2) Raja Nor Jan Shah does not have any basis by the Constitution of Malaysia to claim the throne. The State of Melaka was insert to the Federation as the Straits Settlement, and ruled by a Governor. In present Melaka, the office of the Governor are known as the Yang Dipertua Negeri.

3) The office of Keeper's of the Ruler Seal (Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Melayu) does not officially reply until now regarding the case. And in Malaysia civil service, a silence literally means, Boleh dengar tapi percaya jangan. (You can hear him, but don't believe him.)



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