Saturday, September 28, 2013

This year we have celebrated the 50 years anniversary of Malaysia formation and also the 56th Independence celebration for the States of Malaya. The independence of the States of Malaya were achieved on 31st August 1957 through the formation of the Federation of Malaya. In history lesson, we were thought that Malaya achieving her independence in peace and harmony without any to bear any arm. Well, it is true for one part, but mostly it is not entirely true. Why? Because many lives had been lost in order to gain the independence for Malaya. And among the challenges that we have faced including the revolt of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). And recently, a news broke out that the leader of MCP during the communist insurgency had died. After 56 years, a figure that for once had brought terror to the realm had been considered as hero by several factions of Malaysian.

This is the price that had to be paid by Malaysia's peace and harmony for all this while. We have lost in touch with our bitter history. Has anyone ever learned of the history of MCP? Who's exactly is Chin Peng and what has been done to our nation? Did everything that he has done was even worthy enough for us to be considered him as hero? No. Absolutely not.

Chin Peng or his true name, Ong Boon Hua was a leader of currently defunct Malayan Communist Party. The Communist Party of Malaya was formed in 1930, as an agent of Communist Party in Vietnam. So, what does it aim? "Overthrow British Colonialism, Abolish Malay Feudalism and set up a Malayan People's Republic". These three are the main aim of MCP, and it is true they are the freedom fighter and some point (because British at that time need support to fight the Japanese Invasion), but trying to abolish the Malay Rulers and set up a Communist State under the name of Malayan People's Republic is something that can't be considered as hero. And somehow, this idealism still inherited through their followers up until this very day.

MCP has been acknowledge as one of Malayan political parties after the war. Nevertheless, the political atmosphere at the time diminished its relevance in Malaya. Because in 1948, the Federation of Malaya was formed with restore the Malay rights and priviledges, scrapping the idea of Malayan Union which offered equal citizenship to both Malays and non-Malays. This is the very reason why the MCP started to revolt. Today, the chinese dominated party of MCA and DAP strongly lobbying for Chin Peng to return or today, to be laid in peace in Malaysia. It is very ironic because the very person also the one responsible for the death of many Chinese during the insurgency. The same tone does not even heard from this faction when the late Rashid Maidin died in 2006.

And because of this, the British government's even made a request to the Malay Rulers to gives settlement to the Chinese in formed of 'Kampung Baru' (new village). Since then, even when the loyalty of Chinese to the government were questioned when they are reluctant to join the national service, the Kampung Baru still enjoyed facilities far better than the Malay villages despite the Malay community is a strong supporter of the government. (History did repeat itself I guess even after 56 years). 

So, personally in my point of view, Chin Peng does not even deserves any sympathy from Malaysian for what he has done. Chin Peng personally does not applied for Malaysia citizenship and does not even seek forgiveness from Malaysian and considered what he has done is a just way. Yes, he wants to establish the Malayan People's Republic under the banner of Communist Party just like what has been done in North Korea where the Kim's family reign supreme. So, for those of Ching Peng supporter or known as Ching Peng Zhee, please re-consider your actions. All of you has eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to feel. What Chin Peng has done is seriously not a just way. Are you seriously thinking throwing a baby into the fire in Bukit Kepong is a just way?

Think Again.



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